Community Art Activities

This year, we have two community art activities that we invite you to do from home. Be sure to submit photos of your finished projects so we can share them!

Thanks to Conway ArtsFest committee member Katy Killingsworth for designing these projects.

See what others have made and submitted here!

We Create Conway Sidewalk Chalk Project

Let’s celebrate how #WeCreateConway where everyone can see it: on the sidewalk!  Use sidewalk chalk on your driveway or sidewalk to draw, write, or even make interactive art like photo ops and games. Help us fill Conway with sidewalk chalk art during ArtsFest!

Watch a video of Katy drawing dragonflies on her sidewalk for inspiration.

The playful dragonflies are exciting to see at such a large scale on Katy’s sidewalk. What will you draw?

Joy in the Window Project

This community art project invites Conway residents to share joy with others through colorful window hangings made from tissue paper and wax paper.

Using tissue paper to make the window hanging will let the sun shine through it, illuminating your art. Your design may be colors and simple shapes inspired by what brings joy, or you may want to cut more detailed designs from the tissue paper. The waxed paper provides a strong translucent background.

Watch a video of Katy creating the window hanging below to see how she layers the materials together.

Katy’s colorful flowers create a joyful display in her window! What brings you joy?


  • Tissue paper can be glued in overlapping layers to create new colors.
  • Your window hanging can be one large piece, or cut into multiple small shapes to hang. Watch a video of how Katy made the heart cutout below.
  • Drawing a pattern or image on paper to put under the waxed paper can help plan a more detailed design.
  • Opaque paper, like construction paper, can be used to make a dark shape.  This paper does not let the sun shine through like the tissue paper does.

Helpful terms:
Illuminate – to light up
Translucent – allows some, but not all, light to pass through
Transparent – allows light to pass through, clear
Opaque – blocks light from passing through

Smaller shapes can also be cut out of the wax paper and placed individually on your window. The tissue paper scraps give a stained glass look when the shapes are affixed to the window.